S’more Art Co. is an installation art + photography team. we create immersive art that amplifies nature’s surreal details to inspire wonder, mindfulness and exploration

Koru-dor @ Portland Winter Light Festival

We created six glowing unfurling fern light sculptures ranging from 4 ft to 7 ft, called “Koru” after the Maori word for the unfurling fern shape that symbolizes evolution, growth and balance. Our ferns have welded steel frames, internal programmable color-chase LEDs, and colorful, waterproof skins made from industrial plastic wrap, tissue paper, spar urethane and other materials to create a vibrant and playful stained glass aesthetic.

other Recent Projects

Solo Bueno Portals @ Envision Festival


We designed and fabricated two entrance portals with integrated backlit signage for the “Solo Bueno” areas on the fly, inspired by the tropical flowers found on site, using bamboo, plywood, fabric, LED strips and a bit of paint. We also helped build a large geometric bamboo portal for the “La Sombra” area.

Fabricated for the Ops Team at Envision Festival 2019 in Uvita, Costa Rica

pyramidz of the aul @ Desert daze festival

We designed and fabricated a 15 ft wooden pyramid decorated with surreal landscape panels and a floating, glowing capstone, and two 5 ft meditation pyramids. The landscape panels were made of layered wood with mirror and plexiglass details to give depth and shadow to the scenes. The interior’s gradient-colored fabric, wooden eyes looking down from the ceiling, painted benches, foam mat flooring, and ambient soundscape created a calm, comfortable chill-out space for festival attendees.

Built in collaboration with Open the Portal, with support from Mason Rothschild, and soundscape by Sam Rogue

Koruganisms @ EDC Vegas

Bailey helped design and fabricate twelve glowing technicolor cocoons based on the shape of the unfurling fern, called “Koru” by the Maori. These light sculptures had welded steel frames, colorful skins and internal LEDs that created a welcoming, ethereal glow for viewers.

Created with Gerard Minakawa and Bamboo DNA

Death Metal Santa @ LA Gives back 3

We created two interactive areas for an iheartcomix Christmas-season charity concert, including an 8 ft “Death Metal Santa” head with lazer beam eyes, giant bloody letters and a murder tree infinity forest.

Designed and fabricated under Discordian Design


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